Why you should check the song list of wedding band

When you hire a wedding band in Birmingham it is important that you check each and every aspect of the song list that is going to be played on the wedding day. you should check the playlist of the hired wedding band that the songs which are going to be played on the wedding day are appropriate for the moments or not, you have to check whether your band hire can play the songs on request by the guests present in the ceremony or not to make the ceremony unique and unforgettable… 

So here are the different reasons that why you should check the playlist of wedding band before allowing them to play at the event.

  1. Bridal party ceremonial and signing the registry:

There are some moments in the wedding ceremony in which it’s not necessary to play music by your hired wedding band, because if you have a very big wedding party then you need to add 2 more songs in the playlist to get them down the lane. signing the registry occurs at the middle of the ceremony. It takes almost 6-10 mins, so it’s not necessary to play the song at this moment as the guests wanted to see the couple signing their names and wants to hear that they are pronounced to be husband and wife. So two of your special songs are saved.

  1. You can let go the cake cutting song and bouquet toss song:

It’s not essential that your wedding brand hired in Birmingham should play the song when you are cutting the cake and not even when the moment of tossing the bouquet comes. 

Songs which are essential to be checked on the playlist of wedding band are:

  1. Your arrival song:

Some of the songs which are essential to be present in the playlist of your hired wedding band are the walk-in song. If your wedding party is not too big then one song would be enough for your processional entrance.  For this moment you can choose any happy, sweet and romantic song that suits your personality.

  1. Singalong song:

The song played by your wedding band in Birmingham at this moment will rock the party, everyone enjoys singing along with the wedding band to enjoy the ceremony.

  1. Departure song:

This is the time when you walk down the aisle wearing your wedding rings as a newlywed couple, so the friends and family love this moment by cheering so your hired wedding band should play such a song that has full beat and can be heard over the shouting besties.

  1. First and last dance song:

Everyone enjoys looking at you when you’re dancing as a newlywed couple and your hired wedding band should play a romantic song at this moment.., 

The departure song should also be heart touching, you should ask your wedding band in Birmingham to play such a song which gives marvellous departure and every guest hug each other before they leave.

So that is why it is necessary to check the song playlist before allowing the wedding band to play at your event. Check out Apollo Live Band Agency playlist.

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