About us

Dancers In Light is a company which focuses on providing professional dancing classes, different brands of dance wear, shoes and accessories for all ages. It’s a progressive company dedicated to offering the best and latest dancing demands for family, corporate and individual needs.

Our goal is to offer top notch services that are affordable and unique.We have dedicated and well trained professional trainers who are experienced in various genres of music. Our staff members have been involved in school projects, parade dancers, choreographed dance groups for tournaments and events as well as participating in award winning festivals.

Mission and objectives

The goal of Dancers In Light is to provide world class dancing solutions. We focus on offering fun-filled dance tutorials, and provide physical and personal growth. Our main aim is to equip our society with excellent, professional, and skills useful in life.

Our mission is to help individuals optimize their potential by guiding and mentoring them to become the light of society using their talents.


Dance In Light is a Christian based organization which aims to educate individuals to be morally and spiritually upright,to produce a generation of responsible, respectful and ingenious people in the society.

Services offered

We specialize in offering dancing solutions to everyone from the age of four. Our expert staff together with other partners are working together to give our clients better services.Some of our dance services include:

Ballet lessons
Students get to learn about body balancing, self-awareness, fluid movements, and swift choreographed dancing techniques.

Hip-hop dance
This dance focuses on individual movement to rap music. It requires expression based on the high tempo beats using the whole body.

Jazz dance
Jazz is a slow, soothing music genre which requires dancers to leap and turn to the tune of the music.

Ballroom dance
This is a famous social gathering dance which involves couples to twist and turn to the music. It requires the dancers to move in unison, all in tandem to the music beat.

Tap dance
It’s a type of dance where the dancer’s shoes make a series of clicks to produce a rhythm. This is achieved by use of the heels and toes.

Musical theater
This is a dance performance involving songs, dancing, poems, and acting on a stage. It uses a combination of these artistic tools to entertain the audience.

This is an agility and strength performance where participants get to move with their hands and legs doing somersaults and other balancing acts.

We also offer other products and services which include;

Participation in periodic dance convention and events
Offering private dance tutorials
We sell quality dance apparels and accessories
We also stock quality books, bags, picture frames, toys and other accessories

Contact us
Visit us during our working hours to book an appointment for our next class intake. You can also call us in case of any inquiry.Follow us through our social platforms for updates.